Top Ten Coin Rings

Best Top Ten Handmade Coin Rings

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Here in this article, I am gonna share with you the best Top ten coin rings.

1. Walking Liberty Silver Coin Ring.


These Rings Begin As Silver Walking Liberty 1 / 2 Dollars That I Hands Forge Into Rings. They Are Never Melted Or Cut And Always Make AN EXCELLENT First Impression!

You Can’t LOOK FOR A Unique Gorgeous Ring To Wear SOMEWHERE ELSE (UNTIL You Look At My Additional Listings!). Wear A Piece Of Re-Purposed Record Today From The Mint- Transformation You Can Wear!

2. Morgan Silver Dollar ring…the KING of Coin Rings!


Are you searching for the perfect present that’s totally unique you then have got found it with the band handmade in America from a USA Morgan Silver Coin?

This coin band created from a US Silver Morgan coin minted in 1921 is made so the tails side of the coin is normally on the outside which prominently displays the Eagle wings and the United States and In God We Trust.

3. Italian Silver Coin turned into an amazing Ring!



This coin ring starts as an authentic silver (.835) Italian 500 Lire. Minted in 1965, this coin commemorates the 700th anniversary of the birth of poet Dante Alighieri.

Very similar in size to a U.S. Half dollar band with a bandwidth of around 8mm. Limited amounts available.

Click on the image or Check it out button for more details about this ring.

4. Handmade Sterling Silver 2 Tone Men’s Coin Ring Turkish Fine Jewelry By Omer



Italian silver ring from a 500 lira coin.
Coins of the type were finished making about 50 years ago.
Metal: silver 83.5%


5. Bold Collection By Omer Coin Men’s / Unisex Ring Hammered Handmade 925 Sterling Silver


My wife and I, carry out our production and building of Roman and Anatolian old style fine jewelry in our studio/workshop in Bodrum, Turkey.
All our rings are unique, one of a kind and totally handmade parts. Unlike the majority of today’s goldsmiths, we usually do not under any circumstances, work with serial stones, casting, and molting, as well as modern techniques in our models and productions. The recyclables we use happen to be either 22 k or 24 k gold and sterling silver 925

6. Handmade US Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring


The Morgan Silver Dollar is among the most sought-after collector’s coins in existence. Valued both because of its silver articles and its own beauty, many contemplate it the ultimate expression of the ideals that made America wonderful.

The obverse depicts a portrait of Lady Liberty in profile as the invert depicts a NOVELTY HELMET with wings outstretched holding both arrows representing a willingness to attack and an olive branch demonstrating a take pleasure in of peace.

7. Franklin Silver Half Dollar Coin Ring


This Double Sided Silver Coin Ring was handmade from a 90% Silver US Ben Franklin Half Dollar Coin, minted 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 or 1963.

It’s obtainable in sizes 7 to 17, incorporating half sizes. This 3D coin ring reads ”LIBERTY” & “IN GOD WE TRUST” with mint time externally & “The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “Half a DOLLAR” on the inside. The bandwidth is certainly roughly 7.5 mm wide.



These rings start as silver Taking walks Liberty half dollars that I side forge into rings. They should never be melted or lower and always make an excellent first impression! Rings can look slightly different depending on the size you select. Rings from size 8-9 1/2 could have a slight curve to them.

The photo of the 1945 half dollars (Photo 4,5, and 6) is a size 8 and maybe the virtually all curved. Every size bigger is less curved. The 1941 half dollar (Photo 1, 2, and 3) is a size 10 and they look virtually the same up through size 12 1/2. The picture of the 1944 half dollar (Photographs 7, 8, and 9) is what they appear to be from size 13-14. You can’t find a unique fabulous ring to wear somewhere else (until you look at my additional listings!). Wear a bit of re-purposed history today From The Mint- change you can dress in!




These Are High Grade 1921 Silver Morgan Us dollars That I Hands Forge Into Tails Side Out Morgan Dollar Rings. You Can’t Find A Unique More Beautiful Ring SOMEWHERE ELSE (Unless Of Course, You Looked At My Other Listings!).

IN THE EVENT THAT YOU Could Dress in A Morgan, Why Wouldn’t You! Use A BIT OF Re-Purposed History From The Mint – Modification You Can Wear Today

10. Morgan Silver Round, Coin Ring


The historic Morgan Silver Us dollars, (90% Silver) was initially minted in 1878. This classic group of silver dollar coins is among the most popular of all US Silver Dollars and just about the most requested for coin rings.

The Morgan Silver Dollar’s history reaches back to the times when Indians roamed the wild west and cowboys herded cattle up the Chisholm Trail and Nevada’s Carson Metropolis Mint produced these gorgeous coins from the silver mined from the Comstock Load. If a 13-17 band size isn’t too big when compared to a Morgan Silver Dollar should be at the top of your list. This listing is definitely for just one Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Band backward Orientation (Tails area of coin on beyond band with a polished finish).




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