Top Ten Fountain

Top Ten High Class Fountain For Indoor/Outdoor

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Top Ten Fountain with high-class design It adds great drama without taking a lot of room. You can easily set up all these fountains below to get an extra outstanding view for your room or outdoor.

Modern Sphere
Curve Cascading
39 1/2" High
Seven Cascade
Cut-Away Outdoor 35" High Fountain
Glenville Water
Pump Cascading
Water Fountain
Frog and Four
Lily Pad LED Lighted
21" High Outdoor
Domanico Three Tier
Tan Indoor-Outdoor
57" H Floor Fountain
Water Lilies and
Cat Tails 33" High
Boy and Girl Under
Umbrella 40" High Indoor/Outdoor
Peaktop Outdoor
Stacked Stone
iered Bowls Fountain
w/LED Light
Peaktop Outdoor
Stacked Pots Floor
Fountain, 15" x 17.7" x 30.3"
Tiered Bowl 25"
High Stone LED Indoor/Outdoor

1. Modern Sphere Curve Cascading 39 1/2″ High Fountain

A modern look with a soothing vibe, this indoor-outdoor fountain is an excellent combination of modern-day design blended with natural elements.

The design celebrates the cosmopolitan decor as the relaxing, gentle waterfalls help to bring in an all natural element.  Looks fantastic like real stone yet light-weight easy to move and create, runs great. A lot of weight for stability when water is added.


2. Seven Cascade Cut-Away Outdoor 35″ High Fountain

The intricate arrangement of bowls in this outdoor/indoor fountain allows water to cascade straight down a series of tiers. The trill of the normal water makes a refreshing, serene ambiance.

Normal water pools repeatedly in each tier. Each tier includes a carved spout that the drinking water flows from.

Each fountain is designed differently and each could have its own normal water fountain noise level.



3. Glenville Water Pump Cascading Water Fountain

It’s beautiful, well built, just the right size therefore soothing. The Glenville Cascading Fountain includes a tiered water flow system which creates a relaxing ambiance.

The simulated bricks and wood have been hand detailed for a unique yet replicated look. This fountain is a beauty in virtually any backyard, patio or garden.


4. Frog and Four Lily Pad LED Lighted 21″ High Outdoor Fountain

This design posseses an LED light for nighttime use. Frog and four lily pad fountain with built-in LED lights.

Painted rock and lily pad finish. Created from lightweight cast resin. For indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for patios or porch areas outside. A frog perches nobly at the top.



5. Domanico Three Tier Tan Indoor-Outdoor 57″ H Floor Fountain

This traditional style tan fountain offers serenity for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Water flows from the most notable level to the bottom basin in this three-tier design fountain.

Calming and peaceful, this three-tier fountain makes a great addition to indoor and outdoor spaces.

The resin construction is lightweight and simple to move, in order to place this fountain anywhere.



6. Water Lilies and Cat Tails 33″ High Fountain

This lovely tiered display is located in a cast resin faux aged copper finish reservoir. River rocks are included.

The lilypad leaves have a faux copper finish. Enhance the atmosphere at home or garden with the enchanting leaf cascade depicted fountain.



7. Boy and Girl Under Umbrella 40″ High Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

The fountain is completed in green, copper and bronze tones and includes six feet of cord and a submersible pump.

Water trickles down from the umbrella as the children seek refuge from the rain in a storm. Includes pump for easy set-up. Plug-in fountain with a 6-foot long cord.



8. Peaktop Outdoor Stacked Stone Tiered Bowls Fountain w/LED Light


This fountain produces an attractive glow with light emanating from its three lower stone bowls.

This fountain looks really nice, is lightweight and very easy to set up. Nice design, screens for the bowls are a nice feature for keeping trash from the sump.  The fountain has a UL-approved recirculating water pump, so no external plumbing is necessary for operation. A power cord is provided to plug the fountain into any standard wall socket for power.



9. Peaktop Outdoor Stacked Pots Floor Fountain, 15″ x 17.7″ x 30.3″

Degrees of water Shooting pots produce a relaxing experience as you relax & take in the wonder of nature in your garden or yd. Crafted from polyresin, both for indoor/outdoor use. Build up a pile of antique intrigue design into your yard today with the Stacked Pots Fountain.



10. Tiered Bowl 25″ High Stone LED Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

An authentic gray stone finish is established over lightweight polyresin construction, offering a real aesthetic for an outdoor patio or sunroom. Having a four-tier silhouette where water pours from one bowl to another, this fountain respects classical norms while delivering an updated look.



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